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shower curtain hook
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 shower curtain weight >> Environment protect metal shower curtain sinker weight
Environment protect metal shower curtain sinker weight
metal shower curtain weight
shower curtain weight
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1: environmental protection material, iron, high strength, wear-resistant surface electroplating pickling rust:

 2 layer PVC, easy to clean

3: weight: 14 grams in weight,

4 professional: packing: 100 / bag, 1000 / box

5: order easily, ready to be shipped

6: Freight: flexible, can shoot first, and then change the freight logistics:

7 wide more choice: four links one of all, or SF,

8:enoug inventory

9:size 35*45MM


How to sew and choose which way?
1: if you have no time or no stitches, please choose 502 glue stick, but this method is not durable
2: if you have the time, but not skilled sewing, you are in the weight of the block, like a button, stitch two pins can be fixed
3: if you have time. You can also be familiar with the suture, along the seam lines around the block, so for a washing machine will not fall
4: is really no time, no glue, no suture material tools, can use the staple two or three, less than a minute fix
If you have time and would like to know more, please go on as follows: Thank you for your support.
1: what is the curtain curtain curtain? The window glass curtain curtain is blocking the light, the wind is the bathroom shower curtain cloth.
2: what is the curtain curtain gauze weight? Answer: in the bottom of the curtain seam aggravate block, generally used in metal materials.
3 what types of weighting blocks are commonly used in the market? Answer: the market of about three kinds: lead paint, iron, and iron plating package PVC.
4: Why did you choose our iron package PVC? Answer: because we have the lead and iron incomparable advantage:
A is the most commonly used lead, because of its high density, but because everyone at home with children, some families in order to avoid the children exposed to lead or cleaning lead pollution to the children's clothing, will refuse to lead, very practical problems.
B paint iron, because of cheap, as an alternative to lead second choices, the market of iron surface paint or plating is a single majority, but often because of friction contact, time not long good surface spalling, or cleaning when exposed to water, slowly rust on the edges, and then extended to all, because of the edge the painting or plating is very thin, it is easy to rust from. Originally liked, the curtain cloth will appear because of rust stains, accelerated the rhythm of changing curtains, it is not worthwhile.
Then C said PVC iron plating package, first will lead pollution, home some of the kids have nothing to worry about, then the first plating package PVC, reduce the friction, it is not easy to rust, to your cloth broken may aggravate the block also can continue to use
This is the new market needs decision, has our survival opportunity,
5: our price is more expensive than others? Answer: you can first look at the market, it is transparent, the same price than quality, the same quality than price, I believe that the goods more than three, you'll look back and take our baby, because we have confidence on the price of the product,
We do not rely on a single brush to survive, we are the customer, word of mouth.
1: environmental protection material, iron, high strength, wear-resistant surface electroplating pickling rust
2: outer PVC, easy to clean, do not hurt the washing machine.
3: weight: 14 grams in weight.
4: packing: 100 pieces / bag, 1000-1500 pieces / box
5: order easily, ready to ship
6: Freight: flexible, you can first shoot, and then change the freight
7: wide range of logistics options: four, one up, or SF, or express every day
8: inventory sufficient, arbitrary order, arbitrary delivery to meet your urgent needs.
Please feel free to take it any time, we will deliver it on the same day. Do not worry, I have no online, does not affect the delivery, you take an order, I received the information, you need to modify the courier fees, I will also be the first time to deal with
The real deal to sell things, not noisy, do not brush credit, please believe the power of faith
General express charges are KG, please press close to the KG orders are relatively cost-effective, 2-4 days in all parts of the country
The counterweight on the curtain below from left to right, then darn good, such as:
Absolute real map, refused to steal map,

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